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There are a number of reasons that Argentina Big Game Hunting as become so popular with hunters and fishermen worldwide.

  • Argentina, the second largest country of South America, is well known for having a great variety of climates and geographies.
  • It has vast wild territories with the perfect habitat for big game, birds and fish.
  • Argentina offers many options for sportsmen to enjoy their favorite outdoor activity: big game hunting, wingshooting and fishing.

Buenos Aires The Start To The Journey

Your journey starts in Buenos Aires province, where big herds of blackbuck and axis deer roam in free range along its vast pampas. Our guests are amazed at the drive going through the province of La Pampa to the mountains of Patagonia country. It is known worldwide for its beauty and scenery. The abundance and quality of red stag are amazing. It is also known because it is the only place of the world where Pere David deer can be hunted in free range.

Red deer were introduced here for the very first time in 1909 and found the perfect environment to thrive to the level of population of the present days.

In summary, Argentina offers a great variety of big game which makes it a prominent place in the hunting world.

Cordoba Dove Hunting & Wingshooting

As for bird shooting, our country has hands down the best wingshooting of anywhere in the world: Córdoba and other provinces like Entre Rios, La Pampa offer unmatched high volume dove shooting month and and month out.

Mixed bag wingshooting is also fantastic in our country. Duck, Perdiz and European hare over dogs are hunting experiences you will soon not forget. Of course Pigeon and Dove are the most well known bird hunting in Argentina. Our company is proud to offer them all together at a very short distance from the capital city of Argentina: Buenos Aires. It is only two hours by car over a brand new four lane highway. It amazes our guests that it’s such a short distance from this shooting paradise.

Upon your arrival our professional staff is at your service to deliver an unforgettable outdoor experience here in Argentina. You are guaranteed to not soon forget your Argentina Big Game Hunting adventure with Argentina Big Hunting.


We are Hunting & Fishing Specialists with over 40 years of experience guiding in Argentina. We provide numerous adventures whether it is Big Game Hunting in the bush of La Pampa or the mountains of Patagonia, Wingshooting in the wetlands and plains or Entre Rios Province of Fishing In our Local Rivers & Lakes.


Argentina Big Hunting offers world class accommodations in all our hunting and fishing destinations. Master bedrooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, international gourmet cuisine, prime Argentinean wine & beef, WiFi Internet, satellite TV and English language hosting are some of the services that this fine company provides to our distinguished clientele.

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Santa Adela

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Argentina is one of the largest Countries in the world with varying climates and geographies. We at Argentina Big Hunting can provide not only adventures for the outdoorsman but also sightseeing trips, wine tasting trips and many other exciting and educational adventures. Let us know what you would like to do and see and we will provide you with a personalized trip that beyond your expectations.

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