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Argentina, the second largest country of South America, with its different climates and geographies, offers many options to the sportsmen who arrive to this land with expectations to do their favorite outdoor activity: big game hunting, wingshooting and fishing.

From Buenos Aires province, where the hunters find big herds of blackbuck and axis deer roaming in free range along its vast plains near Buenos Aires city, to the mountains of Patagonia country, worldwide known because the quality of its red stag and because it is the only place of the world where Pere David deer is allowed to hunt in free range, crossing the scrublands of La Pampa province where big game hunters can shoot a big variety of different species like red deer, water buffalo, puma, wild boar, mouflon and fallow deer among many other animals, our country offers a great variety of native and exotic fauna which made of Argentina one of the most recognized hunting and fishing destinations around the world.

As for bird shooting, our country is probably the best destination of the world: Córdoba and some other provinces like Entre Rios, La Pampa, Salta and some other, offer unmatched high volume dove shooting

Mixed bag wingshooting is also fantastic in Argentina: duck, perdiz (and European hare) over dogs, pigeon and dove are all the bird hunting species allowed to shoot in this country and our company is proud to offer them all together at very short distance from the capital city of Argentina: Buenos Aires. Two hours by car through a brand new four lanes highway is all that the bird hunters need to reach that shooting paradise which also offers some big game and golden dorado fishing.

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SCI: Safari Club Internaciona


NRA: National Rifle Association


Houston SC: Houston Safari Club


Dallas SC: Dallas Safari Club